Kristina Herngren Agency Director +46 70 6332372

Why do you work with technology?

Because I know too little about systems and front-end development and am hungry to learn more. Humans have to learn how to learn in order to master change, cause no-one knows where we’re going, but technology and digital ways of working will pave the way. I want to surround myself with people I can learn from. My professional background in the digital business is in strategy, planning and user experience, always with questions around simplifying the interface between humans and technology.

Special competencies

Leadership, business development and facilitation of learning and innovation processes.


I have a background In the private sector in management consultancies, digital communication agencies and among social entrepreneurs as well as within the NGO-sector working with sustainability issues. I want businesses to focus on the three aspects of sustainability: economic, environmental and now, at last, social. Marginalised people are the greatest leadership challenge of our time. That’s why we wants to do good, create value and have fun at Iteam.

Super powers

Honesty. Not always to my advantage.