IT support built around your needs

We offer everything from user support, network and server setup to security management. Plain and simple. You call one number - we keep track of everything else.

Remote assistance

It’s about revenue

User support should be about one thing and one thing only: maximizing productivity. That is why we build our support around the needs of your users, not around us. Enforcing a standard is no good if it doesn’t help the users, and we don’t need it — we can handle diversity.

It’s about efficiency

We help you review your IT environment, giving you a comprehensive map of your hardware and security as well as your software and licenses. We lay the foundation for keeping the infrastructure up to date long term, and give you suggestions for needed changes now. These can be used by your current IT partner or by us to accelerate your business.

It’s about security

We plan, build and maintain stable and secure infrastructures for your critical business needs. We are experienced in virtualization, fibre, redundant server and firewall solutions, and handling client computers at mass scale.