A product built on collaboration

We have been working with Telenor since before the Vimla! brand was even set. Developing both methodology, business idea and product. It’s a close collaboration between Vimla!, us, and their members to build the best cell phone service possible. It’s been less about programming and more about building the brand, making sure the product can keep changing and evolving over time. The service was launched February 12th 2014 at

"We feel that our crew at Iteam are more colleagues than suppliers. Rather than specifying a tech spec to work on, we collaborate, carefully chiseling out functionality as we go along. This way of working has minimized waste and it has also taken us further than we ever imagined."

Johan Littorin, founder och manager at Vimla


Our friends at Vimla! have always strived to make all involved parties feel as a part of the team. We aren’t contractors delivering a service. We are colleagues building a product. This has been an important key to success. Iteam has been strategically involved from the start, helping in evolving both UI and functionality. Most importantly, we focus on frequently and consistently releasing new versions of the service to make sure the wishes of the members, as well as the vision of the founders, are realised.


The first step of our collaboration was to build the core functionality of the site - signing up, logging in and changing basic account settings. Since this was built before the brand was even decided, the look and feel was kept generic. We then collaborated with Made to Order to adapt the site to the first version of the Vimla! brand. Since then the design, products, and flow has changed several times based on the feedback from the members, changes in the market and insights from Vimla! and Iteam. In order for this process to work, we are constantly refining and automating every step of development, testing and delivery. This means that we have been able to make releases once a week to multiple times a day. Through feature toggling, we can try out ideas in the wild instead of endlessly discussing them in meetings. And through direct interaction with the members in the Forum, we can catch and fix any bug that slips through the tests as early as possible.


Vimla! is a different breed of cell phone operator. They provide a simple, fixed price, service without any subscription length requirements or hidden fees. But the main difference from the competitors is that Vimla! is based on members - not customers. The service is constantly changes and evolves in collaboration with the members, and refunds and rewards are provided for those who recruit new members or help each other out.

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