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Iteam has helped Taxi Stockholm build a modern REST API on top of existing systems to provide a new backend for new consumer apps that will help the stay ahead of the competition. The API along with other projects to increase customer knowledge, automating agreement signups, and increasing organizational efficiency means Taxi Stockholm is now equipped to be the major player on the Stockholm taxi market digitally as well as physically.

A strong brand with a proud history

Founded in 1899, Taxi Stockholm is Sweden’s oldest taxi company and with 22 000 rides per day it is also Stockholm’s largest. The company has a strong code of ethics and a large environmental focus. However, lately, the brand has not kept up with the competition in its digital presence.

Digital transformation

With history comes legacy. A traffic control system originally built to provide the best service for customers calling in might not be the optimal platform to take the same experience into the digital realm. To solve this, Iteam built a modern REST API on top of existing systems to provide the new iPhone and Android apps with a powerful and reliable backend. Building the API solution top-down with customer value instead of systems in focus made the time to market as short as possible and lets the organization take care of technical debt without stress.

“We already know our physical services - the taxi ride, the drivers, the cars and the environmental aspects - are the best on the market. With the new API and the new apps, we can now start to excel in our digital services as well”

Karin Werner, Head of digital, Taxi Stockholm

The new public-facing API also enables partners and third party developers to directly integrate with Taxi Stockholm’s services. Taxi Stockholm is now technically equipped to be an integrated part of the Stockholm transport eco system.

The power of automation

For many of the customers the new mobile apps, built by partner Bontouch, with optional flat fares and the ability to pay with a pre-registered credit card (and just leave the car the second it arrives at its destination) makes the Taxi Stockholm experience easier and more streamlined than ever. Digital receipts also takes off the workload when keeping your books. For those that don’t want to use an app or have special requirements, the call center gets even more accessible as app bookings increase.

Using the momentum

Digital transformation is a continuous process and the new API and the new apps are just the first steps in Taxi Stockholm’s journey to provide a superior digital experience. The next step in the transformation is using machine learning and big data to getting to know the customers better and anticipating their needs, providing new services and staying ahead of the competition in the local market.

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