A culture of improvement

We first met Swedbank at a Meetup. They expressed a need to increase their agility and shorten their time-to-market for new services. We had done just that, for a while. So, we put a team there with the explicit mission of not just delivering code but also culture. After working with a waterfall(-ish) process and a hugely complicated governance process for a long time, change is hard to achieve. But we did it together. The first result of this way of working was the new internet bank my.swedbank.se.

A clear vision

When we joined the project, everyone was hard at work building the features listed in the back-log. But no-one knew why. Our first focus was to help clarify the vision. It was decided that the goals of the project was to achieve: Superior User Experience, Excellent Market Responsiveness and Basic Functionality. Clarifying these goals made it possible to prioritize between features, focus the collaboration between the teams and to report qualitative progress to the governing committee instead of just a burn-up chart.

7,2 million customers doing 850 million online bank errands per year. That’s the equivalent of more than 1600 online bank errands per minute, 24/7 - all year round.

Agile colleagues

Like many enterprises, Swedbank works with Agile coaches to develop and improve their processes. This is not the niche we filled. Instead we joined the teams and participated in the daily production. We worked with the Product Owners, Project Managers and Scrum Masters to help them solve their daily challenges. We pair programmed, mentored and built tools like code generators to help raise the quality of code and tests. The first implementation of the first product released under the new process is released but the work to evolve the organization continues.

A culture of learning

As a support and back-bone for the development of a new digital platform, extending outside of the realms of the internet bank, we helped founding the FDP Academy. This is an initiative to teach and mentor developers at Swedbank in the technology, insights and learnings of the new platform initiative. Iteam has helped form the contents of the program as well as teaching the first generations of academy students. The idea is to create a sustainable system of constant learning and improvement, where graduates become the mentors who teach the next generation.


Swedbank has its roots in the Swedish savings bank movement, which dates back to 1820. Sweden’s savings banks were founded to help people achieve a higher standard of living and greater security through financial planning. Swedbank’s operations are still based on the same goal: to help the many people and businesses achieve a solid financial sustainability. Swedbank is an inclusive bank with 7,2 million private customers and more than 600 000 corporate and organisational customers.This makes Swedbank Sweden’s largest bank in terms of number of customers and gives us a leading position in our other home markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Learn more at swedbank.com.