Join the team

Always in teams

We always work in teams. System developers, strategists, interaction designers, visual designers and value coaches. Each valuable on their own, but even more so together. We offer our clients teams instead of individuals.

Continuously exploring

We’re always searching for the best process. The best method. We take risks, change direction, try new technologies, experiment and question both ourselves and our clients. There is always a better way.

Sharing is caring

We share and learn from each other. All the time. Code lunches, mentorships, lab hours, lounge hacks, open source project contributions, the Facebook group Kodapor, conferences and in our day-to-day-work.

Relationships - not projects

Our clients have big opportunities to make a difference. They’re past computerization and want to lead digitalization within their domains. That takes time. It’s not done through an isolated project a couple of months long, but through long-lasting work affecting the entire organization. That’s why we often have long relationships with our clients. And make sure we become good friends along the way.