Artificial Intelligence (AI)


We at Iteam have the knowledge and competence to help you build data products. Not only that, we can help you use the data in your data products to make better decisions at different layers of your organizations: from day-to-day decisions to staratic decisions.

We have seen enormous efforts and progress in AI in sectors such as finance and banking, transport, health, telecom and education and we are ready to help you model events and data you need to be faster in this constantly changing market of digital world.

Our Offering Packages

We will always be open to your need, but sometimes clients are more comfortable with having services packaged in terms of hours and workload. We have three packages ready for your needs as you can see below:

Package 1Package 2Package 3
Data Scientist111
DevOps Engineer10.50.5
Data Engineer11.51.5
DatasourceDatabase ExportLive Data StreamsLive Data Streams
ModelProof-of-Concept ModelProof-of-Concept ModelProduction Model

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