We accelerate change

Digital transformation is what we do. We help businesses and organizations automate manual workflows and find new sources of revenue through digitalization.

Like the way that sounds?

We're expanding to Gothenburg!

Releasing Competency - helping newly arrived in Sweden

Supercharge your organization

We help you identify new opportunities through interviews, service design and innovation labs. We help you realize your goals through implementing agile methodology, setting up your build stack and mentoring your developers. We speed up your time to market through fast iterations and zero cost of release.

For the Intrapreneur — for the Rebel

We believe Digital Transformation is for you. You see opportunities and without hesitating. You bring well needed change to your organisation. You, and the people around you, will make your company the leader in its industry. You help accelerate the potential of your organisation and the services you provide.

We believe

What we do is not just a job — it’s a passion. We constantly vet our clients and assignments to ensure that we hold true to our core values; that everything we do should:

  • Be fun
  • Produce value
  • Result in something good

This means that we don’t focus on billable hours. If we can produce more value in shorter time by fixing some part of the working environment — be it through improving the process, tools or the organization, we will not only suggest it — we will demand it. Waste is the nemesis of progress.

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